Bio Sculpture Breaking Dawn

Twilight & Bio Sculpture is here!

Christmas time and Twilight? What an amazing combo! Plus we get to kick off the holiday with Breaking Dawn? Thank you Santa! You are just too kind. You can also thank his little helpers at the Bio Sculpture factory, as they have created the most amazing, vibrant red gel nail color with just the right amount of glitter. Guess what they’ve named their latest hue? Breaking Dawn!

Whether you are a diehard Twilight fan or simply trying to make an entrance at a lavish holiday bash, you will be quite the showstopper with nails adorned in Breaking Dawn. Celebrities like the ultra-glamorous Dita Von Teese and the always fashion-forward Lady Gaga, may have been inspired by Santa because both have been snapped by the paparazzi while rocking bright red manicures. Now it is your turn to take the spotlight. One of three polishes in Bio Sculpture’s new The Cinema Nail Collection, Breaking Dawn is a luxe, true bright red with a subtle shimmer. It’s sexy, yet classic and oh so seasonally appropriate. Your nails will ooze with screen siren appeal.


Rudolph won’t be able to hold a candle to your fabulous fingertips (or toes!). There is no better way to drench your nails in a lively, holiday red than scheduling a Bio Sculpture manicure or pedicure at THE Salon. Bio Sculpture is the ONLY gel nail color with a Five Star Safety Rating. As the first company in the nail industry to have its products evaluated in an independent clinical trial, Bio Sculpture takes safety seriously. There’s no dust, no odors, and best of all, no fumes! It takes having healthy, natural looking nails to the next level. It can be applied as an overlay onto your natural nails and no filing is required to remove it! That means no nail damage.

Bio Sculpture’s Breaking Dawn dries almost instantly on fingers and toes. After a quick stint under a UV lamp, the color is strong, flexible, glossy, and lasts up to three weeks. Yes, you read that right! Three weeks! The wonder gel doesn’t chip and stays put giving you a well-groomed, classy look. Plus the gel goes on as thin and natural as your own nails, but with a pop of holiday color. Weak, brittle nails? No problem. Bio Sculpture gel protects the nail allowing it grow and strengthen without damaging the nail plate. It looks like your Christmas wishes came true!

Our ladies love Bio Sculpture, especially in the shimmery, red, aptly named Breaking Dawn shade. Your nails will be perfectly polished for all of your holiday parties and dinners and we can guarantee that this color will be a jaw dropper! So if you love Christmas and you love Twilight, give yourself a little holiday treat and book a Bio Sculpture Gel nail appointment at THE Salon Beauty Bar today. Your stunning manicure will last for the rest of the holiday season no matter how many gifts you rip open!

Merry Christmas Twilight Lovers!


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