Manicure Mania Vancouver

The summer forecast shows signs of naturals, mattes, and sexy, sophisticated stilettos. We like to call this manicure mania!

First off, as a major salon diva I must report that the instant dry gel polishes, such as Shellac and Gelish, are still on top. The ladies are loving that they can get a perfect manicure and not have to wait around for it to dry. It cures instantly and stays shiny for at least 10-14 days!

salon beauty bar manicure vancouver

Having said that…Not everyone is a salon diva. We still have our gals that like to keep it sweet and simple with a good ol’ regular, classic manicure. It’s been about minimalism lately. We are seeing a lot of pale neutrals, think sheer pinks, barely-there French manicures, and cream colors. Milky pastels in orange, raspberry, yellow, and blue are also favorites. And some even keep it real with just a shiny top coat. Playing it cool with pale nails is so hot right now!

matte black nails vancouver

Next up, we have all matte everything! Some like it shiny and some like it matte. I am loving this look. It’s sleek and a major trend right now. OPI has come out with an amazing Top Coat that instantly gives any color a matte finish. It’s like magic! Well, matte magic!

The social media world has been posting and tweeting about this new nail development and the requests keep coming! Black Matte is the most common request and it’s currently extremely popular with reality stars, such as the Kardashian clan, and fashion bloggers. Pin it, Instagram it, but just keep it coming! We love staying up-to-date with the latest nail trends!

stiletto nail vancouverLast, but certainly not least, is the sexy, sophisticated stiletto nail! Just like their shoe counterpart, these nails are long and elegant. Plus, they’re a celebrity favorite! Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Fergie, and the amazing Lana Del Rey, from the Great Gatsby soundtrack, are all major fans of this look. Who knew cat claws could be so ladylike, yet so edgy? This is the real runway look our ladies are loving! High fashion meets salon diva and they have joined forces to take Hollywood by storm. Stiletto nails are still a chart topper at THE Salon Beauty Bar!

Whether you want to go bold and dramatic with stiletto nails or keep it simple with creamy neutrals, THE Salon Beauty Bar has you covered. Make your fingertips your summer accessory with whichever one of our manicures suits your style!



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