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Jersey Shore…you either love it or hate it…

Jersey Shore…you either love it or hate it, but you can’t deny that this crazy, over-the-top cast of spray-tanned boys and girls are clearly succeeding in their quest to take over TV land.

Not to be outdone by their wild behaviours, their signature looks seem to scream for spotlights of their own and the audience is savouring every morsel of this bizarre phenomenon. We’ve even had some random clients coming in lately requesting spray tans and major back combing to imitate their favourite characters like Mike “The Situation” and little miss Snooki! Although we don’t offer spray-tanning services, all of this has inspired me to put together a collection of tips and tricks for you to dress up as your misbehaving Jersey Shore twin for this wicked Halloween.

For all you inner Snookis out there

Time to exercise make-up knowledge amnesia! Toss all your expertise out the window and think: What would I do to my face if I had less than two minutes and more than two drinks? The answer is: an overload of bronzer and a thick coat of spray tan all over; a pair of messy, dark smokey-eyes offset by lips drenched in shiny light-pink or clear lipgloss. Put some elbow grease into that back comb to achieve that famous Snooki “bump”. Secure your hairstyle with lots of pins and blast that hairspray, but make sure you take a deep breath before you unleash the chemical cloud.

In order to look like the “hot mess” that is Snooki, heavy makeup is only part of the story. Search your wardrobe for the following pieces that will help you complete the look:

-short dress that’s tight everywhere

-big hair is the key, wigs are available just make sure its jet black!

-low-cut tops

-anything that’s linked to the word “mini” or “booty”

-anything that bares your upper and lower body

For accessories, an empty bottle of tequila…

The Situation & Pauly D

As for the two main male characters on the show: DJ Pauly D and Mike “The Situation”, the key to looking like them in a flash is hair gel and tons of it! If you can’t be bothered with goopy gel and all, there’s also a wig that comes with Pauly D’s costume that’s sure to be a hoot!

Book an appointment to get a full-body spray tan and enhance your facial tone with lots of bronzer. If you can tough through the chilly October air then use a bronzer to create contours on your abs and then simply go shirtless in your night of scaring…I meaning… wowing girls with your physique. If you prefer to wear something, then invest in either a white tank or a shirt that says “It’s T-Shirt Time”. Slather oil all over your body for that greasy feel. You should be able to see your own face on the back of your shiny arms!

Jersey Shore is indeed a sizzling guilty pleasure for reality TV fans. With a little effort, some creativity mixed with a lot of fun, you can pull of their looks and have the “most talked-about” costume of this year. Look forward to lots of “Snookis” and “The Situations” out there roaming the streets of Vancouver on Oct 31st. I hope you have a safe and wonderful Halloween!

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