Fall Manicure Trends 2013

As summer comes to a close it doesn’t mean we have to say farewell to the bright, the bold, or the beautiful. Extend summer with one of the fall manicure trends that are here to stay!

Go 3-D!

Amp up the wow factor, embrace your creative side, and show off some texture on your tips! 3-D nail art is still a major player in the manicure mania craze, but it’s so much fun it’s hard to part ways. According to Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, the models on the Libertine, Jenny Packham, and Nicholas K runways flaunted the bewitching nails embellished (or should we say bedazzled?)

manicure trends vancouver 2013

with jewels, lace, and glitter. A few words come to mind when I think about this trend: Opulent, bling, and gold! High society at its finest. Let’s bring back the days of glam this fall and in the words of Pink Floyd, “shine on your crazy diamond!”

Say Hello to the Half Moon Manicure!

Flip your classic French manicure upside down with a new edgy, fun, and very fashion forward twist! Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Lauren Conrad, and Michelle Phan are so in love with the half moon look. The style was popular with trendy ladies in the 1930’s and has seen a huge comeback. Think vintage meets retro with a healthy dose of sophistication. Shock your manicurist (in a good way) by asking for a half moon manicure today! Transition into fall with this hot, eye-catching trend.

manicure fall trends 2013

Are You a Rock ‘n’ Roll Kinda Gal?

If so, the metallic trend is what you will be rockin’ this fall. Capture the essence of your favorite rock goddesses with fierce, tarnished nails! The shades look cool and rocker chic, basically the nail equivalent to leather jackets, studs, and skinny jeans. Michael van der Ham had his models polished to perfection as they strutted down his fall runway. Celebrities have hopped on this rock ‘n’ roll bandwagon as well. Kate Hudson, Stacy Keibler, and our British beauty queen Adele have been sporting flashes of mirrored varnish on their

digits. Take the spotlight with high wattage sheen!

Fall isn’t looking so dark and shady this season. Which nail trend will you add to your beauty regimen? Whether you’re coveting 3-D, half-moon, or metallic tips, and of course anything in between, book your manicure at THE Salon Beauty Bar today!



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