5 Winter Manicure Tips

Winter can be harsh, here’s 5 reasons to treat your hands to a manicure.

Now that the holidays are over, put the bling aside and let’s talk about the Perfect Pink Polish. How appropriate, as we are in the midst of the month that symbolizes love. Love is in the air. So don’t forget to show your hands some affection too and top off your nails with the perfect pink polish.

Here are 5 reasons to indulge in a winter manicure:

  1. As winter rages on, you’ve probably noticed that your cuticles have sustained a beating from the cold weather and dry winds. Manicures are the perfect way to revitalize those cuticle safely. Your aesthetician will include a cuticle clean-up to remove all of that dry, dead skin. A little TLC goes a long way.
  2. Your cuticles aren’t the only thing that suffer in cold weather. I’m sure all of our poor hands and nails are lacking moisture. In addition to the weather, holiday travel and all of that hand-washing during cold and flu season can give you dry, cracked skin. Make sure you upgrade your classic manicure and add the paraffin wax treatment to your service. If you have never experienced this, trust us, this is the moisturizing treatment your hands need and deserve. We dip your hands in warm paraffin wax, which molds to your hand shape. We let the treatment sit for a few minutes while the essential oils found in the wax soak into your skin. You receive one serious dose of moisture. It’s a treat, but you’re worth it!
  3. I’m sure we’ve all been extremely busy working to pay off those holiday bills. Your hands deserve a nice massage. Your circulation receives a boost, while the tension simply melts away. I must say this is my favorite part of any manicure.
  4. It’s an excuse to catch up with an old friend (or new one). “Hey! Let’s grab a latte and get a manicure.” Girl time just got that much better…wink wink.
  5. We saved the best for last. Picking out the color! Now that our nails have been trimmed and buffed, the cuticles have been cleaned up, our hands are moisturized, and we are in total relaxation mode after that much-needed massage, it’s time to be polished to perfection!
Since we’re talking about the perfect pink and I practically live in the salon, I can fill you in on the top five pinks that all of the ladies love. The OPI classics Bubble Bath, Passion, Sweet Heart, Italian Love Affair, and my absolute favorite, Pinking of You, top the list. Pink has been spotted on the fingertips of fashionable celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Eva Mendes, and of course Nicki Minaj. Join the ranks of Hollywood trendsetters with a little pop of sugary color.

Bubble Bath, Passion, and Sweet Heart are soft shades of pink. These beautiful neutrals look clean and elegant. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Bubble Bath is a soft, milky pink that flatters any skin tone. Passion is equally as soft and provides a light pink tint to the nail making it perfect to wear alone or as the base to a French manicure. Sweet Heart lives up to its name and is a sheer, pretty baby pink that’s feminine and understated. I would say that these shades are the most requested pinks. We just can’t get enough.

Though Italian Love Affair and Pinking of You are a bit brighter, they’re still subtle and soft. Italian Love Affair is a pastel pink that boasts a beautiful pearlescent finish. The sweet hue and touch of pearly shimmer gives nails a healthy shine. Pinking of You is more of a muted, opaque, flat pink. It’s reminiscent of Barbie pink, but not as bright. It has that fun, bubblegum color in a smooth crème formula. It’s perfect and definitely my personal favorite.

Come in and treat yourself to a manicure at THE Salon Beauty Bar. Be sure to check out our wonderful range of polishes. We all need a little bit of pink to brighten up our day. It’s Cupid’s order.



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