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Aura Botanica

A U R A B O T A N I C A: When Nature’s Raw Power Becomes a Refined Experience

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Aurora Botanica


No Pain, No Gain

Girls, we’ve all done it before—wrestled with a razor in front of our bathroom mirror as we fervently removed those stubborn stubbles, usually in an early morning frenzy or right before an important date. No matter how hard we try, the hairs just kept coming back…

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What’s new for 2017!

The Charcoal Rescue Masque

Let’s face it, it’s the new year and most of us are just focused on getting our bodies fit and figuring out a new diet plan for 2017!

Well, ladies and gentlemen must we remind you that you shouldn’t ignore the most obvious thing when people first meet you..Your SKIN!

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THE Salon Beauty Bar :: Lady Gaga Inspired Nail Tutorial

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  • THE Salon Beauty Bar
  • 505 Thurlow Street,
  • Tel: (604) 682-4645
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About THE Salon Beauty Bar

  • THE Salon Beauty Bar is located in heart of Coal Harbour, Vancouver. Our nail, hair, and massage specialists will cater to your every beauty need.
  • Whether you're prepping for a business meeting, taking a "me" day, or getting dolled up for that big event, THE Salon Beauty Bar is there with the service and quality to pamper you.

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